Final Reminders....

Updated Saturday April 29, 2017 by North Coast Minor Baseball Association.

Final reminder notes:

- Please arrive well in advance of the scheduled photo time, as per below.  ESPECIALLY BLASTBALL PARENTS!!

- Photos are taking place at the CIVIC CENTRE in Prince Rupert.

- Everyone should have received an email today assigning their kid(s) to a specific team, so that will help your pathfinding once you arrive.

- There will be a check-in table being attended by volunteers that will provide a check-in function

- BLASTBALL PARENTS: Team jerseys and hats will be distributed when you check in

- TEEBALL AND BASEBALL PARENTS: Team jerseys and hats will be distributed at the field during practices earlier in the day. If you are not going to be at practice and will be at the photo day, please let me know by return email.

- Please show up in full gear as if it were a game.

- Please bring your chequebook/cash ready to order photos.  The league did not add photo costs to your registration fee, so please order all the photos that you need, including team photos.


BLASTBALL--Please try to arrive at 3 PM or at least 30 minutes before your team's scheduled time to allow for jersey/hat distribution and order form processing.
3:30 -- First Canada Grey Eagles
3:45 -- Kristoff Trucking RedBirds
3:55 -- Seahorse Trading SeaGulls
4:05 -- Northern Savings BlueJays
TEEBALL--Please try to arrive by 4 PM or at least 15 minutes before your team's scheduled time. (Reminder: practice is scheduled in Port Ed from 1:30 to 2:30 PM, so this will occur after.)
4:15 -- DP World AquaSox
4:25 -- Pinnacle Mariners
4:35 -- Progressive Steel Silver Sluggers
BASEBALL--Please arrive by 430 PM or at least 15 minutes before your team's scheduled time. (Reminder: practice is scheduled in Port Ed from 2:30 to 4:30 PM, so you should be planning to go pretty much direct to the Civic Centre from the ballpark.)
4:45 -- Pacific Northwest Blues
4:55 -- Port Grays
5:05 -- ReMax Navy Seals




June 26 2016 Tournament Schedule.pdf