Updated Tuesday April 12, 2016 by North Coast Minor Baseball Association.

North Coast Minor Baseball will be practicing and playing their games in Port Edward.

The Blastball, TeeBall and Baseball programs will be running out of McKeown Park in Port Edward.  The field is located at the corner of Wildwood Ave. and Evergreen Dr., beside the old elementary school and the skateboard park.  (The field is currently an open field, but the District of Port Edward will be working with us to build in a baseball field in time for May.  Many thanks to the District for being so cooperative and supportive of our league startup!)  

We appreciate that this might seem a little 'out of the way' for some Prince Rupert residents, we believe that the 10 minute drive from the Prince Rupert Civic Centre will be well worth it to play on a dedicated, high quality field.

(The Blastball program for Ages 4-5 was initially going considered for Crestview Field.  Please note this has been changed to colocate all of our programs at McKeown Park.)

McKeown Park
Evergreen Drive
Port Edward, British Columbia
McKeown Diamond
McKeown Field
McKeown Field (2)
McKeown Field (3)